Pricing Plans


$9 ⁄ mo

per user

Up to 2 services

For basic
two-tier apps


$29 ⁄ mo

per user

Up to 7 services

For most
multi-tier apps


$49 ⁄ mo

per user

8+ services

For larger apps
or multiple apps


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Private cloud support

For large
enterprise teams


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All plans require at least 3 users.

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How our pricing works.

We charge based on the number of services you use. A service is a running process, like an API server or a database.

The number of services your team needs is equal to the number of Docker images that make up your application.

Unlimited containers with every plan.

Create as many environments as you need, without worrying about infrastructure costs — we cover all that stuff.

Also included in every plan:

  • Single-tenant infrastructure
  • Slack notifications
  • Pull request integration
  • Automated E2E testing
  • One-click deploy Soon
  • And more — take the tour

Q: What is a user?

A user is anyone who is able to make changes to your account, and have their branches deployed and kept up-to-date on Runnable.

Q: What happens when I add or remove a user?

We'll prorate the cost of users daily, so you'll only pay for the time your users are active.

Q: Which plan should I pick?

We automatically determine your plan based on the number of services your team adds.

Q: Why isn’t there a free plan?

Runnable will remain free for your team's first 14 days. If your development team believes our pricing plans are not well-suited for your needs, please get in touch with us.

Q: What if I have more questions?

No problem! Visit our Pricing FAQ, or email us.