A complete test automation solution.

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Run your automated tests on every branch.

Your app runs on an isolated environment that’s fresh and clean, so it’s perfect for running tests.
Branch updates are automatically tested end-to-end.

Runnable environments make it easy for everyone to see the impact of a change before it goes to production.
Ian Grayson Ian Grayson, Convoy
Senior Software Engineer
  • Set your tests to run
  • Test APIs and Front-ends with your full stack, end-to-end.
  • View the results on GitHub’s pull request page, and on Slack.

Supports several types of testing:

  • Functional
  • Integration
  • Selenium/Webdriver
  • Protractor
  • End-to-end
  • Headless
  • Regression
See Runnable in action.

Demo and share your changes, end to end.

Every app runs in its own isolated environment, and includes all the services needed (databases included) to review your change end-to-end, without waiting for a staging server.

  • Share your running app’s URL with your Project Manager or Lead.
  • Demo your changes to the team.
  • Enable beta testers to try your changes in isolated instances.

Run your app on fully automated environments.

Your app starts up, spins down, and rebuilds itself automatically in a way that makes sense with modern software development. Say you're starting a new feature or fixing a bug; all you need to do is:

Using Runnable reduces the effort required to manage our feature acceptance environments for the entire team.
Gregg Kang Gregg Kang, eShares
Head of Platform Engineering
  • Create a new code branch.

    Runnable creates a new instance of all services required to run the code on your branch.

  • Push code to the branch.

    Runnable rebuilds the services needed to keep your app updated.

  • Delete a branch after merging.

    Runnable stops your app and removes the containers to free up resources.

Start running fast.

Set up once and get unlimited environments to run your app.

  • Point & click your way to running each service of your app.

  • Import your existing Dockerfile to set up your app even faster.

  • Select a branch to run your app. New branches will automatically have a running app.

After a few hours we were up and running. Now we have test environments per feature without managing the orchestration.
Alex Morse Alex Morse, Cratejoy
Co-founder & CTO

See what your team’s workflow will look like with Runnable.

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