Adding Additional Files

Every time a container is rebuilt, all dirty files and changes are reverted to the cached state before the Dockerfile CMD. If you have files that you want to persist for every build of a container, you can use the Files & SSH Keys tool to add them.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Configure page and find the desired template configuration.
  2. Click on the Files & SSH Keys tool. Files & SSH Keys
  3. Click on the Add.. dropdown and then select File.
  4. Click on Choose to locate the file you want to add. Then specify the desired Destination path for the file you will be adding.

    You can also add a script that will be executed after adding the file during the container build process. For example: chmod +x

  5. Click on Add File to complete the process of adding the file to your template configuration.
  6. Click Save & Build to build the template with the file you have just uploaded.

Files that you upload in the template configuration will be available to all branches that inherit the template configuration.

It is important to note that all the files are listed in the order they are added and executed on the build container. You can change this order by dragging the ☰ symbol next to the file name.

File Order 1 File Order 2 File Order 3