Yash Kumar

Founder & co-CEO

How is Runnable Different From CI Solutions?

After Runnable launched last September, we’ve received lots of interest from dev teams looking to improve their development process. One of the questions we often get is, “how does Runnable compare to my current CI solution?”

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Runnable is now GA: Staging environments and microservices don’t mix.

I’m excited to announce Runnable is now generally available. Runnable makes developing container-based applications a lot faster and easier.

Since we started in 2013, our vision has remained the same — make it easy for anyone to run code without worrying about infrastructure. As software teams around the globe adopt containers and microservices, we think the time is finally right for Runnable.

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Runnable RC and Pricing

We’re very excited to announce that Runnable is now in Release Candidate. The progress we’ve made far exceeds our Beta and Preview releases, and will prepare us for the weeks ahead. Here’s what’s new:

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