Ryan Sandor Richards


External API Caching with Varnish & Nginx

We use a number of external services to handle data retrieval, monitoring, and reporting. The importance of each service depends on its role in our sandboxes product. For instance, it’s generally fine if we miss a few reports sent to Datadog but it is not okay if we are unable to reach the GitHub API. In this post, we’ll discuss the issues we’ve faced when interfacing with external services and dive into how we use Varnish Cache to handle them.

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Dropping Webhooks

Auto-deploy is a really important feature of our product here at Runnable. It takes the tedium out of managing multiple testing and development environments. Via a GitHub webhook, we listen to push events that occur on our customers’ repositories and automatically deploy the changes to the Runnable Sandbox application.

A few weeks ago I ran into a situation that was rather troubling: a new branch I created didn’t show up in the app. Wondering if I had accidentally botched the command, I rechecked my terminal and confirmed that I had successfully pushed the branch to GitHub. A bit puzzled by the state of things, I decided to dig in and investigate the problem.

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