Bryan Kendall


Typing JavaScript Using Flow

One of the things that I found difficult when writing and refactoring in Ponos was maintaining the borders between the few classes and their functions. Some of the class methods returned values, some could throw errors, and others returned Promises. Relying on the inline documentation was insufficient because methods were changing faster than I was updating the documentation. Beyond these issues, I found myself moving or copying large chunks of testing code around for relatively small refactors, further fueling my motivation to find a better way.

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Introducing Ponos: A RabbitMQ-based Worker Server

Our problem started out benign enough: we were dealing with third party endpoints that started dropping requests and we could no longer count on to be reliable. The immediate solution was to write retry logic in-place within our API server that instigated these calls, adding a layer of protection around the library that did not have its own retry logic. However, when put under load, this retry logic started becoming a bottleneck, holding onto unnecessary resources and creating race conditions we had never before seen. Debugging it started becoming nightmare-esque and maintaining it became nigh impossible.

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