Why Aren’t My Branches Being Added?

After you setup a repository on Runnable, new pushes to any of it’s branches will be automatically deployed on Runnable. This means that branches will be added to Runnable when:

  1. A registered Runnable user creates and pushes a new branch for the first time.

  2. A registered Runnable user pushes a commit to an existing branch that has not been added to Runnable yet.

Still not seeing your branches?

If you are not seeing a branch automatically added and launched on Runnable, it is probably because the branch’s latest commit author is not a registered Runnable user. To fix this:

  1. Request the commit author sign into Runnable.

  2. Once he or she has signed in to Runnable, his new commits/pushes will automatically launch any un-added branches on Runnable.

If you are still unable to see your branches on Runnable, please file a ticket or contact us using the in-app chat support.