How Do I Prevent Members from Launching Containers?

Once you are past setup, Runnable makes it easy for your teammates to launch a branch. A member of your Github organization can login to Runnable, push a commit to a branch, and their changes are reflected in Runnable. If you don’t want the commits some users are making to affect Runnable, you can remove them. Click on your avatar on the top-left of the page, then select ‘Teammates’

Branch container

Choose the teammate you want to remove and their commits will no longer be reflected on Runnable.

Branch container

Do many teams share your Github org?

Sometimes, there are multiple teams sharing one Github org. In this situation, members from other teams can sign in to launch branches on your Sandbox and add to your monthly Runnable bill. If a user is added to your team on Runnable, you can remove them and we’ll prorate your charges for the time they were using Runnable.