Adding SSH Keys

An SSH key will allow services in your project to access any private repositories they depend on when building.

Note: One way to know that your project needs an SSH key is if any of your services fail to build with “no such key” or “host key verification failed” errors.

Adding Your User Key

Open the SSH Keys settings for your team by clicking your avatar in the upper-left corner and selecting SSH Keys.

If any of your teammates have already added their keys to Runnable, you’ll see them here. Click the Authorize button to open the GitHub authorization page in a new window.

Click the green Authorize Runnable button to give Runnable permission to create a user key on your behalf.

Note: We’ll create a user key, which has the same level of repository access that your user account has on GitHub.

Your New Key

Once you’ve granted access, you’ll see a confirmation message to confirm that we’ve created your key. In Runnable, your key will appear in your team’s list of SSH keys.

Now that your key has been created, it will be added to the .ssh directory on every container before it builds. This will give them access to any private dependencies that you can access on GitHub.

Deleting Your User Key

If you no longer need to use your key, you can delete it from your SSH key settings on GitHub.