GitHub Pull Request Notifications

Once your team is setup on Runnable, you can launch into your Runnable environments straight from your Github org’s PR pages.

To enable our PR Bot’s comments:

  1. Click on your Github org’s avatar on the top left to reveal a dropdown. prbot1

  2. Click on the PR Bot option in the drop down to reveal the PR Bot settings modal. prbot2

  3. Click on the Invite Runnabot to open up your Github org’s invite page in another tab. prbot3

  4. Runnabot (Runnable’s PR Bot) needs to be a member of your Github org to comment on your PRs – once you are aready, click “Send Invitation”.

  5. Go back to your settings modal to confirm that Runnabot has accepted your invite. prbot4

  6. Now open a pull-request from a branch Running on Runnable.

  7. Push a commit to the branch.

  8. Go to the PR page to see Runnabot’s comment!