Using Private Docker Images

Many teams use private Docker registries to host their images. To use your private images, refer to them in your Compose files or Dockerfiles and add your registry credentials to Runnable.

Using Images in Your Files

Use images in a Compose file by referring to them with the image feature:


Tip: Learn how to use your Compose file in Runnable.

You can also use images in your Dockerfiles:


Adding Registry Credentials

  1. Open the Private Registry settings for your team. Click on your team’s avatar in the upper-left corner and select Private Registry.

  2. Enter the credentials for your registry and click Verify & Save.

Now images from your registry that are referred to in your Compose files or Dockerfiles can be used successfully.

Note: If you use Amazon ECR, your token will expire after 12 hours. Email us and we can help you update it automatically.

What’s Next?