Building a Compose File

We can accept most Docker Compose files, but some modifications may be necessary to run as expected on Runnable.

Using build to Create Environments for Your Branches

Environments are made up of containers for each service in your Compose file. Though services can be based on images or built from a Dockerfile, building from a Dockerfile allows you to launch environments for the service.

      context: [email protected]:org-name/repo-name.git
      dockerfile: config/Dockerfile

Normally, your context would build with the specified Dockerfile in the default branch, but when you launch environments for your branches in Runnable, we’ll use the Dockerfile in that branch.

Note: The context for your Dockerfile can be a git URL to a separate repository (as in the example above), or a relative path to a file in the same repository.

Unsupported Compose Features

There are some features of Compose that we don’t support yet, including entrypoint, volumes, and build args. To see if your file is compatible, check out our full list of supported features (and known workarounds for unsupported ones).

What’s Next?