How to Use the Runnable CLI


To use the CLI, you need:

  • nodejs v4.2.x or above
  • npm v2.7 or above


To install the CLI, run npm install -g @runnable/cli.


  1. Before you can start running commands, you must authenticate your session by running: runnable login

  2. Follow the prompt to input your username and password (and OTP if you have two factor authentication enabled).

  3. Select the Github organization you would like to work with.


runnable login

Use this command to authenticate your CLI session in your terminal. You will also be prompted to choose a Github organization. You can change the Github organization at any time using runnable org.

runnable org

Use this command to change the active Github organization in your session.

runnable logs [repository] [--build|--cmd]

Use this command to view the logs of a container. You can specify the name of the container you are trying to reach in the following format: <reponame>/<branchname>.

If you don’t provide a name, the cli will automatically map the command you are trying to run to the repo/branch your local directory is on.

You can choose to view the build logs by adding the -b argument to the command. Conversely, you can view the CMD logs by adding the -c argument to the command. If you don’t specify the aforementioned commands, the command will just follow the real time logs of the Container.

runnable list [repository]

Use this command to get an overview of all the different containers you have under the active Github organization.

You can drill down and list all the branches of a repository by specifying a repository name.

runnable ssh [repository]

runnable upload <file>